August 19, 2016


Tree removal
Tree removal can be a difficult and dangerous job at the best of times,add to the fact that in the urban environment trees grow over houses, power lines and all manner of things precious to the owner, it can all add up to a very tricky operation. At Joe’s tree service we have the training, experience,equipment and right attitude to safely remove any tree ! We have 10 million insurance cover, a 100% safety record and a long list of happy costumers who can vouch for the fact that we know what we’re doing.

Tree pruning
The right tree in the right place can be a real asset to any property. As we all know trees grow, before you know it you can have issues with trees growing over roofs, into service wires and just generally getting out of hand. Tree pruning isn’t rocket science but dose need to be done correctly as incorrect pruning can cause severe and long lasting damage to your tree. At Joe’s tree service we have the right training and equipment to correctly prune and bring out the best in all your trees. All our pruning is to the Australian standard.

Stump removal
Tree stumps can be a real nuisance, taking up room on your lawn, getting in the way of building projects or just generally looking out of place. To successfully remove a tree stump you need the right equipment and a little bit of know how, that’s where we come in. So say good buy to that annoying tree stump and let Joe’s tree service take care of it for you Tree cabling Often trees have faults, large limbs over high traffic areas or any number of characteristics that make you nervous on a windy day. Tree Pruning can definitely play a roll in minimising risk but is not always the best solution.



Tree cabling
Tree cabling is the practice of joining 2 or more limbs or main trunks with specially made tree cable so that if one of them fails it is still supported by the other. If you have a tree that you are concerned about it may be suitable to cable. Take out the guess work and Contact Joe’s tree service for a free consultation.

Tree hedging
A nice looking hedge can really make a garden just as an out of control hedge can break one If your hedge needs some attention, give Joe’s tree service a call today.

Timber slabbing
If you are removing a tree that has some nice log wood on it, why not use Joe’s tree service and turn it into some nice timber slabs. You can use them yourself to build some beautiful furniture, or sell them and recoup some of the cost of removing the tree.