February 4, 2018

Tree Cutting Melbourne

Need Sections of Branches Removed?

A Leafy Canopy


Joes Tree Services Melbourne not only removes entire trees – but we also specialize in removing portions of trees.

Whether a tree in your backyard or on your nature strip has. dying sections or too much road ‘overhang’ – our team of trained arborists can help. We always ensure that no matter how many branches we remove, we leave your tree looking as professional as possible at all costs. There’s nothing worse than hiring a tree lopping company to come and remove sections of a tree, only to find that they removed the correct branches – but it looks like a shotty job and on top of that, they also left a large pile of sawdust and leaves around the base of the tree.


Our Guarantee

Victoria, AustraliaYou won’t be impressed and your neighbors won’t be either. That’s why Joe’s Tree Services Melbourne has a 100% clean up possible after all jobs – regardless of size or cost. We always leave a worksite better than we found it. We also break up our invoicing into individual sections to show you exactly what you would be paying for – should you decide to hire Joe’s team of Arborists. This way there is no discrepancy between the cost of service and the service itself.


Low-Cost Services

We also have an inventory of advanced tools that allow us to easily reach high up branches and cut them down without using methods that are over the top expensive. This essentially means that you save money and time due to the simple fact that we have to use less of both of them.

So call us today on 0429 348 714 and talk to us about tree cutting today!

~ Joes Tree Services Melbourne